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F1 Bahrain GP 2022 Race Results

F1 Bahrain GP 2022 Race Results

Charles Leclerc held on in a tough battle against reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen, with whom he swapped the lead midway through the race, but the Red Bull driver was forced to retire due to loss of power from his Honda engine at the end. of the test, which led to the double for Ferrari.

Red Bull's day turned into a total disaster when Sergio Perez lost third place on the final lap because his power unit shut down, handing the podium to Lewis Hamilton.

Charles Leclerc started from pole position on new soft tires and kept Max Verstappen at bay, while Carlos Sainz Jr. took third place, ahead of Hamilton, who moved up to fourth, and Pérez, who went wrong from Turn 1, causing Kevin Magnussen to pass him temporarily.

George Russell, in the other Mercedes, moved up to seventh from ninth on the opening lap, ahead of Pierre Galsy and the Alpines of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, the latter overtaking Mick Schumacher's Haas after touch him and make him lose control at turn 5. For this action, the Frenchman received a 5-second penalty.

Perez overtook Magnussen on lap three at Turn 4, after the Dane ahead of the early lanes made a mistake, also allowing Russell to pass.

Leclerc led Verstappen by 2.8 seconds on lap 10, and Red Bull was asking his driver to cool down the brakes. Behind them, Pérez passed Hamilton thanks to DRS to be fourth.

Hamilton opened the pit stop season to put on a set of hardballs on lap 12, although he complained that he "had no grip on the tyres" after leaving the pitlane.

Verstappen, Sainz and Magnussen stopped on lap 15 to switch to another soft compound, while Gasly, Alonso and Ocon opted for the mediums. Leclerc pitted a lap later to put on the softs, along with Pérez and Russell who chose the mediums.

Verstappen, who was now just behind Leclerc, went on the attack and took the lead at Turn 1 on Lap 17, but the Monegasque overtook him at Turn 4. This was repeated a lap later, but on Lap 19, Verstappen locked up the tires passing the Ferrari, thus losing the DRS distance while being warned again for the brakes.

1     Monaco Charles Leclerc                Ferrari F1-75     57     1:37'33.584                 26
2     Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.                   Ferrari F1-75     57     1:37'39.182     5.598     5.598     18
3     United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton     Mercedes W13     57     1:37'43.259     9.675     4.077     15
4     United Kingdom George Russell     Mercedes W13     57     1:37'44.795     11.211     1.536     12
5     Denmark Kevin Magnussen           Haas VF-22     57     1:37'48.338     14.754     3.543     10
6     Finland Valtteri Bottas                   Alfa Romeo C42     57     1:37'49.703     16.119     1.365     8
7     France Esteban Ocon                    Alpine A522     57     1:37'53.007     19.423     3.304     6
8     Japan Yuki Tsunoda                      AlphaTauri     57     1:37'53.970     20.386     0.963     4
9     Spain Fernando Alonso                 Alpine A522     57     1:37'55.974     22.390     2.004     2
10     China Guanyu Zhou                   Alfa Romeo C42     57     1:37'56.648     23.064     0.674     1
11     Germany Mick Schumacher        Haas VF-22     57     1:38'06.158     32.574     9.510      
12     Canada Lance Stroll                   Aston  AMR22     57     1:38'19.457     45.873     13.299      
13     Thailand Alexander Albon           Williams FW44     57     1:38'27.516     53.932     8.059      
14     Australia Daniel Ricciardo           McLaren MCL36     57     1:38'28.559     54.975     1.043      
15     United Kingdom Lando Norris      McLaren MCL36     57     1:38'29.919     56.335     1.360      
16     Canada Nicholas Latifi                Williams FW44     57     1:38'35.379     1'01.7    5.460      
17     Germany Nico Hulkenberg          Aston M AMR22     57     1:38'37.413     1'03.8     2.034      
18     Mexico Sergio Pérez                  Red Bull RB18     56     1:36'05.525     1 Lap     1 Lap      
19     Netherlands Max Verstappen      Red Bull RB18     54     1:33'17.696     3 Laps     2 Laps      
20     France Pierre Gasly                  AlphaTauri    44     1:13'54.365     13 Lap     10 Laps

Hamilton stopped again on lap 28 to put in the mids, as did Verstappen on lap 32, and Leclerc answered a lap later. The Monegasque rejoined with enough breathing room to the Red Bull driver, which he blamed the team for telling him to go easy.

Sainz stayed out and was in the lead until lap 34, when Pérez also pitted to put on some soft tyres. The Red Bulls then initiated a plan to go for the win with another stop, but the Ferraris covered that move with Sainz, leaving Leclerc in the lead by 25 seconds.

Verstappen commented that he had problems steering him after leaving the pitlane, but his team assured him that he did not have to worry. Gasly's AlphaTauri caught fire, causing the safety car to come out on lap 46. Leclerc pitted to put on the softs, like the rest of the rivals who came from behind.

At the restart, Leclerc led the pack, ahead of Verstappen, Sainz, Pérez, Hamilton and Russell. The Spaniard from Ferrari attacked the Dutchman from Red Bull, which allowed his teammate to escape into the lead, while Pérez held off Hamilton.

Verstappen struggled with power, and that was taken advantage of by Sainz, who overtook him at Turn 11 on lap 54 before the world champion retired. Pérez also had setbacks with the Honda engine, and that left Hamilton on the podium.

The Mexican spun at Turn 1 on the final lap when his engine died, dropping the seven-time champion into third place, followed by Russell.

Magnussen finished fifth, ahead of Valtteri Bottas, who recovered from a poor start, Ocon, Yuki Tsunoda, Alonso and debutant Guanyu Zhou.

F1 Bahrain GP 2022 Race Results


on abr 4, 2022


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