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James Simon Wallis Hunt (born in Belmont, Surrey, England, in 1947 and died in 1993), was a British motorsport driver and commentator. He competed in Formula 1 for seven seasons, where he was world champion in 1976, fourth in 1975 and fifth in 1977, in addition to obtaining 10 victories, 23 podiums and 14 pole positions.

The son of a successful stockbroker, Hunt studied at Wellington College in Berkshire, where he was introduced to medicine. However, shortly before his 18th birthday, he went with a friend to watch a car race and became fascinated with the sport of four o'clock. wheel.

He started racing in the Mini category with his own car, later moving to Formula Ford and Formula 3.3 Hunt was soon recognized as a fast and spectacular racer, but prone to spectacular accidents, which earned him the nickname "Hunt the Shunt". ".

In a Formula 3 race held at Crystal Palace in 1970, he had a controversial accident with Dave Morgan, where Hunt touched him when he tried to overtake him to take second position, leaving both out of the race. Hunt, very angry, got out of the car and rushed at Morgan, punching him. Morgan received a 12-month suspension of his racing license.

In 1972 Hunt meets the aristocrat Lord Hesketh, who saw him as a kindred spirit and joins his team.

The Hesketh team started Hunt in Formula 2, but with little success. Lord Hesketh then announced that they would enter Formula 1 the following year, bearing in mind that the costs of running a Formula 2 and a Formula 1 team were not that disparate.

He passed away in the year 1993.


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